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22 January 2010


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I've been to the BLT in New York and just now, the one in Atlanta. I don't know what it is but it seems that when decent chefs get the itch to create an international 'chain' like that of Joel Robuchon's, it goes downhill very fast - like the fall of a mediocre empire. Too bad that in the pursuit of global fame, they overlook quality control of minor things like the food and the service. They should save us the trouble of eating the food and just charge the HK$300 at the door for the pleasure of visiting.

Someone described the NY BLT as a 50-something pick-up joint that was entertaining like a "strange zoo" but alas, not entertaining enough to distract them from the horrible steak and not much better service. I had a similar experience. Overpaid for overcooked fare. It's always wonderful to have half the table send back their steaks and wait a significant period of time only to join their fellow diners who are now on dessert (and probably just out of sympathy).

The Atlanta experience was a bit more repugnant. Friends I was visiting dragged me there so I didn't want to make a snobby fuss about it and just plugged my nose and hoped for the best. HAHA! Where to begin. Despite having the pleasure of dining amongst obese southerners (and I'm being kind here - with both adjective and noun) attired in t-shirts, shorts and running shoes (in the winter), the food was consistently bad and the service one notch worse than in NY. The coup-de-gras was the little plastic 'sign' in the shape of a cow that was sticking out of my food - you know, to remind me that I ordered a 'medium' - apparently off the children's menu.

I've only felt more 'satisfied' with losing US $100 at a casino. Thanks for the memories Laurent. You should have stuck with surf not turf.

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