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13 January 2010


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dunno... i tried longjing manor last summer on account of the fuschia dunlop article in the new yorker and came away fairly disappointed. the setting and service was great, but dishes were mamahuhu. maybe my expectations were set too high


I'm going to China in April and I'd love to go to Long Jing Manor then. (I read Fuchsia Dunlop's article in the New Yorker 2 yrs ago and decided to make Hangzhou a stop on my trip.) However, how doable is it for someone who doesn't speak Chinese to get reservations there? Also, I'll be traveling on my own - do I understand correctly that they're catering to groups in private dining rooms, as opposed to individual guests?

China Outsourcing

The rest of the night continued to be an inspirational affair complete with dishes such as the “Loving Mother’s Dish (braised pork belly and eggs cooked for up to 48 hours to reflect the legendary repeated cooking of this dish by the mother while she waited anxiously for the arrival of her son, not knowing exactly when he would return)”, old-style sea cucumber and handmade rice cakes, while Summer continued to wow us with his knowledge of traditional Chinese literature and gastronomy.

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